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We’ve Added TeleTherapy To Help Reduce Exposure

Therapeds Works remains open however we are offering TELETHERAPY to those that qualify. Please contact your therapist for more information. As we continue to remain open we ask that parents attend the session or wait in  cars when available to limit the number of people in our waiting room at one times. We continue to clean and sanitize and follow precautions as usual!

We have a mix of therapist deciding to stay in clinic or go telehealth so I want families to know both are acceptable. 

Below is the Bell County FAQ and it shows our medical facility can remain open...

COVID-19 Update

At this time, our office remains open. We take the health of our families very seriously, and are taking every precaution necessary to keep staff & your family safe. Please read below for more details about the precautions we have put into place.                     

1. Our office is deep cleaned twice a week by a professional cleaning staff. Every morning before families arrive, we disinfect our whole office, including all waiting room toys. Additionally, our therapy rooms are disinfected between every visit. As a precaution, we will be removing most toys from the waiting room to decrease the transmission of germs. We are being very diligent about cleaning, you might need to wait a few extra minutes before your session starts to allow time for the cleaning.

2. We will be washing our hands and clients hands at the beginning and end of each session.

3. If, prior to your session start, you prefer to wait in your car to avoid the office waiting room, please make sure your therapist has the best phone number to reach you. That way, your therapist can text you when they are ready for your session to start.

4. For the month of March, we will be waiving our cancellation fee for any families that calls to let us know if they are running a fever or not feeling well. We work with some immunocompromised children and their safety is our first priority. No shows will still be billed as usual so please be in contact with us should you need to cancel.

5. If our therapists suspect a client attending a session is sick, the therapist will immediately send the client home as a precaution.

6. We will be conducting therapy sessions in our private treatment rooms as usual and will limit contact with others present in the clinic by allowing no more that 2-3 patients in the gym or a room at a time as best we can. (ABA will be doing our best to limit the number of patients in a room at a time.)

7. If parents feel uneasy about bringing their child to therapy, please call to cancel with no penalty per the attendance policy.