Fun & Function

Video gaming consoles are being used in therapy more frequently.

Gaming provides a multitude of physical, cognitive, and social demands during treatment.

We have added gaming devices as a modality for therapies. We have the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and OSMO.

Gaming is now an important occupation for current and upcoming generations. It can be used to simulate a task patients do find meaningful.

Ask us more about our gaming devices we will be using in therapy!”



Updated Policy During Covid

Therapeds Works has updated its Health and Safety to policy to comply with the new Directive 8 for Bell county recommending face coverings for business and its customers. This directive will be in effect from June 29, 2020. Please read the directive attached. As we understand not all of our patients will be able to wear a mask due to medical reasons please speak with your therapist or the front desk about concerns with your child and their ability to wear a face mask. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we offer our therapies and comply with all safety regulations.